Trailrunning, Desert races, Stage races

You want to discover endurance running. You need training plans for mountain, desert or stage races. You are a beginner in mountain / trail running, need an introduction in this trendy sport and look for a guide showing you the most beautiful trails in the Engadine and St. Moritz areas.

You benefit from my many years of experience as a mountain and desert ultrarunner. I know almost every trail in the Engadine and communicate with you in English, German, Italian or French. Since 2020 I am certified Swiss Athletics Instructor for Mountainrunning & Trailrunning, since 2021 Hiking guide, since 2022 Snowshoeing guide, since 2022 Expert "Sports for adults" in Mountain Running, Trailrunning, Hiking and Snowshoetouring. Furthermore I am Trailrunning guide for RuntheAlps.

By the way: we can work together on your trail running technique on the trail running course I designed in La Punt.


«Training with Roberto was an amazing experience in every sense. He understood precisely where I was, what were my goals, but most important, how to incorporate my running sessions according to my lifestyle and possibilities. Working with him helped achieve my goals and transform running and living habits from within. I definitely will work with him again. Thank you for your passion.»

Marcos C.

«Thanks to Roberto, jogging is no longer a must. His valuable inputs, explanations and the weekly updated training plan helped me a lot to get started and to bring structure into my training. He looks after you with humour, and you learn to concentrate on yourself and not to be unsettled by what others might think when they see a beginner jogging. His sentence: "Do you prefer them to see you with a bright red head and out of breath instead of walking?" has since encouraged me to walk when the pulse is too high. Meanwhile, I already do units of one hour - thanks Roberto!»

Violanta R.

«Roberto's doing great! I suddenly enjoy jogging again, moving around and telling him about my runs. It motivates me to share my successes with someone who is a professional in this field. I feel in good hands! He pushes me - not pushy, but in the perfect way. Roberto also gives you helpful tips on stretching, suitable footwear, and breathing. I am very satisfied and have already been able to achieve some of my goals. Thanks to Roberto, I was able to set myself far-sighted goals, knowing that I could do it.»

Maïté W.

«Although I was initially skeptical about my will, Roberto managed to motivate me week by week, and nowadays I no longer categorize training as a duty, but as a necessity for body and mind.»

Matteo Z.

«Roberto is a very good motivator and plans the trainings meticulously and exactly according to my needs. The training has made me feel in top shape and I am probably better prepared than ever before for the tennis and football season.»

Silvan C.

«Trail running with Roberto is truly an honour. Not only his wide experience but also his passion for and knowledge about the mountains are second to none. I had the privilege to spent a day on the trails in the Engadine with him and learnt so much in a very short time. We worked on my downhill-technique and thanks to his concrete tips and coaching expertise, I managed to easily apply what he told me. I improved speed and ran much more relaxed even after only a couple of hours. Besides his excellent coaching, Roberto is also fun to be around as his anecdotes of his countless ultra-experiences make even the toughest uphills a real joy. I can only recommend Roberto as a coach - for anyone who wants to pick up trail running, wants transit from road to trails to those who are seriously training for an ultra challenge.»

Sara R.

«I know Roberto since many years and hav been working with him closely on our trail running events and trail experiences. Roberto is super experienced and a real pro in his sport. He is loves personal challenges as trail runner and can transfer his knowledge into the right training programmes for beginners and advanced runners. Roberto is multi-lingual and a mountain lover. There is probably no corner and space in the Engadin high-mountains that he has not seen. We are very honoured to have him as part of our team.»

Mirko Groeschner, Organiser of Bernina Ultraks, Mayrhofen Ultraks, 3-Summits Ski-Mo verticals