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Run to reconnect - Retreat with the Urban Gurus

Leave numbers and goals behind you and create your own personal Zen moments while stress melts away. A unique opportunity to fully concentrate on every single step, in an environment that refreshes your mind and soul

Urban Gurus has its home base in the Engadine, and this beautiful backdrop and place of power offers
equally the best trail running conditions. The training effect at 1,800 meters above sea level also offers
a unique opportunity to work on your own holistic fitness!

PS: Our retreat is not an intensive training camp: we want to enjoy the Engadine trails together. I will provide you with tips and tricks for running on mountain trails - in line with the Urban Gurus philosophy, which will be taught to us by the founders Christina Kuenzle and Christian Haas.


  • Thu 16.06.2022 - Sun 19.06.2022 at Hotel Allegra Pontresina